Learn the modern data stack.

Get access to high quality bite-size video tutorials. Learn data technologies used by companies like Airbnb, Lyft and Discord.

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All our material is up to date, guaranteed. We teach in a practical manner, with every lecture comes a full coding screencast.

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Learn by building

Follow hands-on tutorials and build your own applications.

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Beginner to advanced

Learn from fundamentals to production-ready.

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Our flagship course

Struggling to learn Apache Airflow on your own? By the end of the course you will be able to use Airflow professionally and add Airflow to your CV.

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Complete Hands-On Beginner to Advanced Class

Learn Apache Airflow step-by-step. Real-life data pipelines & quizzes included. Learn by doing!

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What is datastack.tv?

The learning platform for the modern data stack.

datastack.tv is a group of working data professionals and open source contributors that provide you with concise video courses on the best tools in data engineering.

Our courses get to the point and deliver knowledge that you can use today. You won't find boring 8 hour courses, instead you'll find a wealth of bite-sized courses that pack more information in a fraction of the time.

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10% of your subscription directly goes to open source projects that you learn.

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Our members can vote on what course they would like to see next.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Like Netflix. You pay a fix price per month or per year for access to all our courses. Your subscription will be active until you cancel, which you can do at any time in your dashboard.

Our courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know to confidently write production-ready code. We optimize for knowledge not the illusion of learning. Once you've finished a course, you’ll have mastered everything you need to know with minimal knowledge gaps.


That's great! 🎉  We would love you to create some content for our platform. Send us an email to instructor@datastack.tv with a short description of your proposed course.

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